Hosting Plans Upgrade – More Fast SSD Storage Space

Good news for all our hosting customers.

As of today (1 August 2016) we have dramatically increased the disk space and international traffic quotas across all hosting plans, either double or more than the original plans, at no extra cost! The same fast SSD storage across all plans, just more, for the same price.

Mailbox Size Doubled

Along with updating all our hosting plans, all email mailboxes have been increased at no extra cost from 250 MB base storage, to 500 MB, using the same fast SSD storage technology we use across all services. Meaning you can now store more email when using IMAP, keeping your email in sync across multiple devices.

Additional blocks of 500 Mb can now be purchased for only $1.50+gst / month, and customers who have previously purchased extra blocks have had their pricing updated automatically.

Applying Extra Disk

We have automatically applied the extra disk to all shared hosting customers, reseller hosting customers, and all email mailboxes.

For those customers using a Managed Cloud Server or unmanaged Cloud VPS, you can apply/commit the disk change in the Control Panel, which will reboot your server with approximate 5+ minutes of downtime:

  1. Login to the Control Panel
  2. Select your Server under the VPS section
  3. Commit the pending disk change

Overview of Plan Changes

A useful overview of all the plan disk changes can be seen below.
Remember all our hosting plans include Unmetered NZ Traffic.

Hosting PlanDisk OldDisk NEWIntl Traffic OldIntl Traffic NEW
Hosting - Basic100 MB250 MB3 GB5 GB
Hosting - Starter200 MB500 MB6 GB10 GB
Hosting - Standard500 MB1 GB8 GB15 GB
Hosting - Pro1 GB2.5 GB10 GB20 GB
Reseller - Premium2.5 GB5 GB12 GB30 GB
Reseller - Deluxe5 GB10 GB25 GB40 GB
Reseller - Extreme10 GB20 GB40 GB60 GB
Reseller - Ultimate *NEW-30 GB-80 GB
Reseller - Ultimate+20 GB40 GB60 GB100 GB
Managed Server - Starter5 GB10 GB10 GB20 GB
Managed Server - Standard10 GB20 GB20 GB40 GB
Managed Server - Pro15 GB30 GB30 GB60 GB
Managed Server - Premium30 GB60 GB60 GB120 GB
VPS - Starter5 GB10 GB10 GB20 GB
VPS - Standard10 GB20 GB20 GB40 GB
VPS - Pro15 GB30 GB30 GB60 GB
VPS - Premium30 GB60 GB60 GB120 GB

Reseller Hosting Price Decrease

We have updated the pricing on three of our Reseller Hosting plans, and introduced a new ‘Ultimate’ plan, to help better align low costs per site across all these plans, ideal for designers and developers.

Price decrease:

  • Reseller – Deluxe: Was $65+gst / month, now $60+gst / month
  • Reseller – Extreme: Was $95+gst / month, now $90+gst / month
  • Reseller – Ultimate+: Was $155+gst / month, now $150+gst / month

The new ‘Ultimate’ plan sits in between the Extreme and Ultimate+ plans, and is only $130+gst / month, to host up to 75 websites.

View all our Reseller Hosting plans here.

Merged Plans

To make things more simple we have replaced the previous separate Magento hosting plan, with the Pro hosting plan, which comes optimised and recommend to host Magento sites. All our Reseller Hosting and Managed Cloud Server hosting plans are also optimised and recommended for Magento hosting.
Customers on the old Magento hosting plan have been automatically migrated to the Pro hosting plan, taking advantage of the increase in fast SSD storage, and a drop in price for these customers to only $30+gst per month.

If you have any questions about the plan changes, please feel free to contact us.