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1. General

In these Terms and Conditions, “Ramsu”, “we” or “us” (and like terms) refer to Ramsu Limited, “you” (and like terms) refers to you, the customer, and “Terms” refer to these “Terms and Conditions”.

This document covers the Terms and Conditions that govern the use of the services made available to you. By using this web site, joining Ramsu, or subscribing to our services, means that you have read and agree to these Terms.

2. Warning

Please read these Terms in full and carefully. Ramsu reserves the right to terminate or suspend any service or account should you be found to break or violate these Terms.

3. Ramsu’s Commitment

As the provider, Ramsu agree to:

  1. Provide services available to customers 24 hours per day, where it is reasonably possible.
  2. Take appropriate measures to ensure services are restored as soon as possible in the event of any outage or malfunction. As a result of any outage or malfunction, Ramsu takes no responsibility for any loss you may incur, and our limited liability is limited to the value of services provided.
  3. Monitor your usage of the services for the purpose of ensuring your use abides by the terms and conditions and service limitations.
  4. Inform you by email or by posting a message on our web site, on any changes to the terms and conditions, or services provided.
  5. Reserve the right to change any service details or prices at any time, but with 1 service period notice to the effected customers
  6. Reserve the right to refuse services to customers
  7. Reserve the right to terminate any services you are subscribed to if you violate any of the conditions stated in these terms and conditions.

4. Your Commitment

As a subscriber of Ramsu services, you agree:

  1. That you are at least 18 years of age and that you are authorised and able to pay for the services you subscribe to.
  2. To provide accurate and legitimate account information on joining Ramsu that is not falsified or fake in any way.
  3. To ensure you are fully aware of any charges, limits, or other details when subscribing to a service.
  4. To use the services for the purpose they were provided for
  5. To not resell any of our services without prior consultation with us, other than the sites provided by the Reseller accounts.
  6. To pay in full the specified service charges as indicated on the Ramsu web site, including all account and other fees.
  7. To pay all fees/charges for your services in a timely manner, in advance for your service period.
  8. That you are responsible at all times for the services you are subscribed to.
  9. To maintain the security of your account and service passwords.
  10. That you will not use any service you subscribe to for any illegal or unlawful activities, as outlined further down these Terms.
  11. To be responsible with your services, and respect the privacy of other internet users.
  12. Not to send any unsolicited (spam) email to anyone.
  13. Not to hold Ramsu or any other suppliers liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages as a result of damage from loss of goodwill, computer failure, malfunction, or any other damages.

5. Costs, Invoices and Payments

All costs relating to Ramsu services will be provided through the Ramsu web site and Control Panel.

  1. All subscription based services are payable in advance
  2. Standard payment terms are within 20 days of Invoice Date (monthly invoices issued on the 1st of the month are due by the 20th of the same Month)
  3. You agree to pay for any invoices prior to the due date
  4. Failure to make payment by the due date may result in a Late Payment Fee of $10.00+GST within 15-20 days after the Due Date
  5. Failure to pay your invoices 25-30 days AFTER your due date may result in your account being restricted (Control Panel access limited) and/or terminated, and reconnection fee’s may apply, and any debt collection costs will be passed onto you.

6. Service Term

All subscription based services provided by Ramsu are of a fixed term, and treated as an on-going contract.

7. Cancelling a Service

To cancel any service you are required to give at least 30 days notice, before your current billing period is due to end. Upon cancellation, your service will be terminated. There are no refunds given for any unused period remaining if you wish to cancel part way through a term (for example yearly billing).

8. Web Hosting

  1. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure your web site(s) and/or databases is backed up on a daily basis. We recommend you also take your own personal backups in the instance where we are unable to sufficiently restore your content.
  2. Multiple web sites can not be hosted on one single hosting plan (excluding multi-site Reseller plans), without prior custom arrangement with us. But multiple domains can point to the same web site
  3. You agree to pay any costs involved in resolving any issues with your web site or database that may be causing problems with out systems, including but not limited run-away PHP scripts, loops.
  4. You agree that we may remove your web site or database from our systems if there appears to be a problem that you need to resolve. It is then your responsibility to correct any errors/issues before service is resumed.
  5. As a general guide we do not permit high volumn sites on our standard hosting plans, such as file archives (images, videos, music), free email services, and other sites that have extremely high usage causing issues to our networks.For these high volume sites we can offer customised solutions including using a virtual private server, or your own dedicated server.

9. Domain Names

  1. All new domain names that are registered can be cancelled within 5 days and receive a full refund. After 5 days no refund can be given.
  2. All domain registrations, renewals, and transfers must abide by the additional Domain Name Terms and Conditions (available when registering, renewing or transferring a domain, in the Control Panel)
  3. With all new domain name registrations a UDAI will be emailed to the registrant’s email address

10. Restricted Content & Prohibited Conduct

  1. Your use of Ramsu services must be in compliance with New Zealand laws
  2. Ramsu does not allow the use of any unsolicited commercial email (SPAM). Any user found to be sending Spam on (or using) the Ramsu network will be terminated immediately without any refund
  3. You are responsible for ensuring your service fits within the limits specified by your subscribed service, and does not consume excessive amounts of system resources that disrupt other users
  4. High volume sites such as file archives (images, videos, music), and free email services, are not permitted on our standard hosting plans. Contact us to discuss customised options such as your own virtual private server, or dedicated server.

The following types of content and user behaviour is strictly prohibited:

  1. Illegal content or material that breaks any New Zealand Law, or law from any other Country
  2. Inappropriate content that contains or links to adult/explicit material, nudity, pornography, sex, or material that exploits children under 18
  3. Inappropriate language in any web based content
  4. Illegal file sharing (P2P), content that promotes or contains warez and cracks, hacking utilities or other applications used for piracy
  5. Any proxy servers or other software that may compromise our systems or effect network performance
  6. Any copyright material
  7. Offensive material, that may include material that is injurious to others, obscene, violent, or harassment
  8. Content or scripts written for the purpose of undermining the Ramsu network, infrastructure, or systems
  9. Content or scripts written for the purpose of data mining information of any Ramsu customers, or services
  10. Reverse engineering any code or systems provided by Ramsu or that are running Ramsu services

Any breach of the above prohibited content or user behaviour will result in immediate account termination without refund.