Hardware, Network & Data Centre

Our network and servers are located in two carrier neutral data centers ensuring that visitors get to your site in the shortest possible time.
The primary facility is based in Auckland City, and our secondary facility is based in Auckland’s North Shore.

We have technicians with continual round the clock access to our network and servers, and prompt response in the event of an emergency.

Server Hardware

All the servers on our network are setup, managed, maintained and run by ourselves, rather than just reselling another ‘cpanel’ type service.

We have lease arrangements for all the hardware and technicians in place to provide hardware maintenance.

Our servers currently run the latest Intel processors, and fast RAID SSD storage for excellent performance. These servers and our network are continuously improving and growing.

Data Centre Environment

  • Core network runs at Gigabit speeds with extensive peering
  • Multiple Fiber-optic connected bandwidth & network upstream providers
  • Optimised airflow distribution for optimal hardware performance and lifetime
  • Redundant parallel UPS and backup generator with standby diesel supply
  • Climate controlled environment
  • Fire detection system
  • 24/7 security camera monitoring
  • 24/7 engineer access to equipment



All our systems are backed up automatically every day including:

  • User web site and database backups configurable and accessible via the Control Panel
    Keep up to 10 backup copies, and configure either daily/weekly/monthly (e.g. keep 10 weekly backups)
  • One click restores via control panel for web sites and databases.
  • Mailboxes backed up daily (manual restore charges apply)
  • Website, Database & Email Backups stored offsite
  • Cloud server & VPS Server image backups taken daily and stored onsite