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  • 03 Jan

    New PHP versions: 8.0 & 7.4

    We have released an update to our web servers and control panel systems, allowing users to select two additional PHP versions: PHP 8.0 PHP 7.4 The default PHP version...

  • 01 Sep

    Domain Name Price Increase

    Due to external factors including the wholesale price increase from InternetNZ, along with increased costs of global domains, we have had to increase our domain name prices to cover...

  • 27 Feb

    WordPress XML-RPC: What is Xmlrpc.php and DDoS Attack

    Today our web servers, one in particular (web02), experienced a WordPress XML-RPC DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack designed to specifically target WordPress websites. Our technicians quickly identified the...

  • 21 Feb

    Webmail Update: Multi Device Support

    Our webmail system has received an update, including a new responsive skin which allows multi device support. Now webmail is supported on any desktop, tablet, or phone:  ...

  • 30 Oct

    Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

    All websites hosted at Ramsu are eligible for a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority that provides certificates for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption...

  • 05 Oct

    Website FTP access using TLS

    All the managed servers here at Ramsu support FTPS, which is an extension to the commonly used FTP (file transfer protocol). This adds support for the Transport Later Security...

  • 16 Mar

    PHP Versions

    We have released an update to the current Control Panel to allow users to switch between multiple PHP versions for a website. The default PHP for newly created websites...

  • 17 May

    Email and SSL

    During recent server upgrades, we changed some SSL settings (using Lets Encrypt) allowing email SSL support. As a result, some users may see SSL errors when trying to send...

  • 19 Apr

    Scheduled Server Maintenance: 21 April 2017

    As part of ongoing server maintenance, we need to apply some important patches that will require our servers to be restarted. This will effect all servers. Date: Friday 21st...

  • 10 Apr

    Server Upgrade: 10 April 2017

    Server Upgrade: This evening Monday 10 April we will be doing server maintenance and upgrades on the following web servers: web01, web02 & web03. Between 9:30pm – 11:45pm, FTP/SSH...