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Changing or forgetting your email password

There are two methods available to change your email mailbox password:

Change email password via Webmail

  1. Log into your email via webmail:
  2. Navigate to: Settings > Account > Password
  3. Enter your new password, and click Save

Change email password via your Ramsu account

  1. Log into your Ramsu account via the Control Panel:
  2. Navigate to: Email > View Mailboxes > Click on your Mailbox > Change Password
  3. Enter your new password, and click Change

Forgotten Email Password

If you have forgotten your email password, you will need to change the email mailbox password using your Ramsu account and the Control Panel, as outlined in the Ramsu account steps above.

If you have also forgotten your Ramsu account password, please see here.

Note, for security reasons, we do not store any passwords in plain text, and therefore cannot give passwords out via email.

Last Update: April 16, 2019  

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