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How do I transfer an International domain? (.com/.net/.org)

Transferring an international domain to your Ramsu account is not as straight forward as .NZ domains (which can be completed online yourself), and the domain will be automatically renewed for 1 year when transferred. This 1 year renewal will be added onto the existing domain expiry date.

Examples of international domains: .com, .net, .org, .biz

International domain transfers can take up to 5 days or more to process, depending on the original domain provider.

Steps to transfer an international domain:

  1. Request an Auth Code / EPP key from your existing domain provider (this is the unique key for your domain)
    This is a randomly generated string that acts as a key to your NZ domain.
  2. Log into the Ramsu Control Panel –
  3. Visit the ‘Domains’ section, and then ‘Transfer Domain’
  4. Follow the transfer domain wizard
  5. Once submitted, the new domain registrar will send a confirmation/approval email to you, the domain registrant (owner)
    The transfer needs to be approved within a given timeframe before continuing
  6. The old domain registrar may contact you to also confirm the transfer


Reasons why a transfer may fail:

  1. You failed to approve/confirm the transfer via one of the emails sent from the old or new provider
  2. Domain may have expired before transfer could complete – domains must be active and not expiring within at least 2 weeks to do a transfer.
    If your domain is due to expire or has expired, renew first, and then try the transfer.
  3. Contact information may be invalid or missing, ensure you have your full details including name, address, postcode

Last Update: July 29, 2016  

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